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You have choices when it comes to your teleradiology services.


  • Valor Network will never be the largest company providing teleradiology services, because that is not our goal. We don’t focus on our acquisition strategy, our stock price, finding our next round of funding or our growth strategy. Our goal is to provide high quality teleradiology services, over and over again. And when we do that, it looks easy. This is how we know we have succeeded.
  • When our employees come to work and they understand the reason why we have implemented an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) or why we have to follow-up each and every time to ensure we meet our service requirements. This is how we know we have succeeded.
  • When we identify an area of improvement and make a change or work to create a new process, develop a new technology inhouse that improves our processes and the care provided. This is how we know we have succeeded.
  • When an employee that has worked with us for over five years comes to work and says they love working for Valor. This is how we know we have succeeded.
  • When we look back and realize with amazement that we have provided services 24.7.365 for over 10 years for a customer and they continue to choose Valor for their teleradiology needs. This is how we know we have succeeded.

We make the best decisions that we can with the information we have today.

This mindset extends from our support staff, to our contract radiologists, information technology team, help desk and throughout our organization. People matter at Valor, our people and the people that we serve. Teleradiology is not getting the study read as fast as possible and hoping that we got it right. It is the repeatable success of our entire team working together with the single mission of providing high quality, responsive services over and over again, every day, 24.7.365.

Teleradiology Services Provided With Our Contract Radiologists:

  • Expansive modality coverage
  • Stakeholders that are subspeciality and fellowship trained radiologists
  • Repeatable and reliable turnaround Times for STAT, Stroke, Trauma, Urgent, Routine
  • Custom designed HL7 interfaces for all EMR
  • Radiologist licensure in all fifty states supported by in-house credentialing department
  • Integrated data analytic metrics to ensure radiologist fitness for service
  • Dynamic coverage options tailored to facility needs, including layered and contingency coverage
  • Second opinion, overread, attending and lead radiologist services
  • Redundant high speed fiber connections nationwide
  • Teleradiology platform integration with all government, private sector customers and trusted partners
  • Capability and capacity to respond to surge coverage needs
  • Help Desk support and operations infrastructure that easily connects clinicians to our radiologists 24.7.365
  • HIPAA compliant, as well as more stringent government information assurance controls and monitoring

Information Technology

Teleradiology is built upon the backbone of complex
and extensive information technology expertise.

Our high availability network delivers when you need it most. Valor Network has intimate knowledge of the information security requirements of the government, including the implementation of the Risk Management Framework (RMF), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) and other pertinent government regulations. In addition, we have developed a dynamic platform within the FedRAMP environment that allows us to rapidly exchange information with our government customers and private sector partners. Our in-depth and inhouse knowledge of HL7 standards allows us to interface with all health care providers, federal government agencies, and RIS/PACS systems. We have also developed and implemented resilient AI solutions for scheduling, productivity and workflow management. Valor Network has invested heavily in testing, DevOps, network engineering and compliance infrastructure that allows us to out-pace significantly larger organizations that lack flexibility, ingenuity and the ongoing commitment to solving problems and finding innovative solutions for our government and private sector customers.




Valor Network is the sum total of the people that work to fulfill the mission of providing the highest quality, best value teleradiology services in the marketplace.

Our organization, from inception, has attracted a motivated, thoughtful, diverse and focused group of individuals.

We have a high retention rate in our staff and our contract radiologists. Finding new ways to engage and motivate our team is of paramount importance to our leadership. We have continued to execute on our goal of retaining over 50% Veteran employment. In addition, through equitable hiring processes over the last decade, we have a long-term, stable, economically, socially and racially diverse workforce that serves every element of our organization. Our management balances the purpose and profit of our organization with the intangible value that each person contributes to our mission.

We are thankful every day for all the individuals that choose to work for our organization and include their experience at Valor as part of their life journey.