• Truly Exceptional Service
  • Mission Critical Government-Grade Secure Solutions
  • Very Personal Customer Service and Contract Management
  • Serving Community and Country in All 50 States

There are some situations where
you cannot afford to come in second.

You need access to the very best. You need to know that the solution you rely on will be there, in full force, every single time they are called into service.

VALOR NETWORK has over a decade of putting our Military, Veterans, Community and Country FIRST with EXCEPTIONAL teleradiology service.

Our high-availability network is ready when you need us 24 • 7 • 365

Valor Network has demonstrated the ability to provide services that meet 100% of the fill requirements. They continually demonstrate the ability to recruit and retain qualified radiologists for tele-radiology services. Their credentialing department keeps all licenses and certifications in a current status at all times. I have not had any patient complaints or patient safety issues with this agency or their providers. I would definitely do business with them again in the future if the opportunity arises.

Valor continues to produce timely and accurate services. Problem solving has been made easy through their 24/7 contact service. Outstanding.

Great communications and coordination. The Department Radiology Chief stated this is the best contracting company he has interacted with in the 10 years of him being a Chief.

The contractor seems to have an excellent rapport with their employees, which has helped to create a stable and motivated workforce. Invoices were submitted timely and accurately with no management issues noted.

The Contractor’s performance in this category has consistently met the contractual requirements. There are no known performance issues with the Contractor’s compliance to applicable contract regulations, codes, or reporting requirements.

During this POP the Contractor performed complex and difficult tasks and accomplished nothing less than 100% of all critical contract requirements. Contractor has proved highly reliable/capable and is most certainly recommended for future awards.

I would award future contracts for similar services to this Contactor again without hesitation. This Contractor performs very well day in and day out. I truly value that consistency in delivery of health care resources to our Veteran patient population.

Great communication and follow-up, polite, extremely competent, able to perform exceptionally well.

Completes all requirements and worked well with our IT department to ensure all requirements were met. Was especially helpful as we moved to the new Electronic Health Record MHS Genesis in proactively ensuring all was in place with no interruptions.

They are very easy to work with and being able to speak with a representative 24/7 is very important.

The contractor’s IT/cyber security expertise, creative problem solving and
flexibility have added great value to the teleradiology program.