Serving Veterans, Servicemembers and their Families 24.7.365

discover what makes us unique

1. Patient First. At the end of all of our processes is a patient. That patient is the reason that we are in business and the focal point of our decision making. How does this decision affect patient care? From our extensive review of physician credentials, ongoing quality assurance to our focus on information security, we work to provide the highest quality of care that puts the patient first.

2. Serious About Information Security. Our teleradiology process has been accredited in accordance with DIACAP (Department of Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process) / RMF (Risk Management Process). We also carefully monitor and implement security and information assurance standards mandated by the Department of Veterans Affairs and all of the services of the Department of Defense, using best practices, NIST, HIPAA, HITECH and other regulatory guidance.

3. Attention to Detail. Our extensive experience and hands on work keeps us on the pulse of the healthcare and IT field. Our excellence rests on being always responsive, always available and always focused on the specific, customer requirements. Our physicians and operations personnel are reachable 24.7.365.

4. Sensible Solutions. Our team of operational and administrative personnel targets the core needs of our customers and finds workable, cost-effective solutions. Using innovation and ingenuity, probing issues to find alternative solutions, we work closely with our customers in our drive to completion. While all projects require flexibility, we focus on developing realistic timelines and staying within budget. Collaborating with our customers to achieve success is our goal.

5. Skilled Compliance and Contract Administration. Technical knowledge, FAR administration experience, requirements monitoring, obsessive responsiveness and strong written and verbal skills provide a solid foundation for our compliance contract administration activities.